Welcome to the Villa Venezia!


Saarlouis most exclusive villa in a luxurious, unique style will make your heart beat faster!

You really like a room? Then make a reservation with your favorite Lady, or with your date!

Discreet parking in the yard


Venice Reception

Barock Reception

Casanova Suite

Atlantis Room (air-conditioned!)

Knight Room (air-conditioned!)

Cristall Room (air-conditioned!)

Venezia Room

Africa Room

Rokoko Room

Roman Room (air-conditioned!)

Cleopatra Room (air-conditioned!)

Toscana Room (air-conditioned!)

Barock Room (air-conditioned!)

Bamboo Room (air-conditioned!)

Italien Room (air-conditioned!)

Retro Room (air-conditioned!)

Mirror Room (air-conditioned!)

Roses Dream (air-conditioned!)

Massage Room

Venice Suite

Doctor Gyn Room

Erotic Cinema

50 Shades of Grey Room

Vintage Room

Venice King Suite

Black and White Room

Romantic Room

Casanova Bar Saarlouis

Wellness Oase





Villa Venezia
Zeppelinstr. 31
Industriegebiet Metzer Wiesen
66740 Saarlouis
Mo-Do 09.00 - 04.00 Uhr
Fr-Sa 09.00 - 05.00 Uhr
So 12.00 - 04.00 Uhr
Feiertage geöffnet

Tel.: +49 6831 - 98 60 888
E-Mail: info@villa-venezia.de