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Saarlouis most exclusive villa in a luxurious, unique style will make your heart beat faster!

You really like a room? Then make a reservation with your favorite Lady, or with your date!

Discreet parking in the yard



Venice Reception

Barock Reception

Casanova Suite

Atlantis Room (air-conditioned!)


Knight Room (air-conditioned!)

Cristall Room (air-conditioned!)

Venezia Room

Africa Room

Rokoko Room

Roman Room (air-conditioned!)

Cleopatra Room (air-conditioned!)

Toscana Room (air-conditioned!)

Barock Room (air-conditioned!)

Bamboo Room (air-conditioned!)

Italien Room (air-conditioned!)

Retro Room (air-conditioned!)

Mirror Room (air-conditioned!)

Roses Dream (air-conditioned!)

Casanova Bar Saarlouis

Wellness Oase





Villa Venezia
Zeppelinstr. 31
Industriegebiet Metzer Wiesen
66740 Saarlouis
Mo-Do 09.00 - 04.00 Uhr
Fr-Sa 09.00 - 05.00 Uhr
So 12.00 - 04.00 Uhr
Feiertage geöffnet

Tel.: +49 6831 - 98 60 888
E-Mail: info@villa-venezia.de